2016 State Competition Q&A (3/22/16)

14 Mar 2016 1:00 PM | Anonymous

Questions from 3/21-22/16 are below (newer questions will be posted above)

Q: Do we know if the pond is publicly or privately owned?  And the surrounding forest?

A: The scenario states, "‐ The City Council has concerns about the short and long term impacts the fish will have on the recreational use of the city park pond as well as how much the project will cost."

It would be ok to assume that the city park pond is owned by the city of Exampleton, as well as the park where it is found.

Q: Will students be expected to be responsible for changing their own slides, prezis, etc.  If so, how will that be accomplished and are any special formats needed  to make sure their presentations will load?

A: The oral presentation rules document explains that teams should have contingency plans (i.e. if their USB doesn't work, have you own laptop to plug up etc).

Q: Will wifi be available for presentations stored on google?

A: The rules document (2.a.ii) states that, "Wi-Fi or Internet connection will not be provided.  If you want, you’ll need to bring it." 

Questions from 3/15/16 are below (newer questions will be posted above)

Q: We would like to know how much per person it would cost to bring extra people. We would like some of our new kids to be able to get a feel for what goes on if that's OK. Looking at bringing just a few three or four more people with us maybe less.

A: The regional competitions are definitely the cheapest competitions to attend when trying to encourage new students to get involved, but you are welcome to bring guests to the state competition too.

Unfortunately, the venue dictates the per person charge for lodging and food, so we are merely offering to host non-competitor guests at the rate we will be charged as an organization. Guests have the ability to stay on site and eat on site, but will have to cover their expenses for the activities they plan to participate in.

At this point in time, for a non-member guest, the prices are as follows:

Bunk Lodging (with other students): $45/person

Double Occupancy Rm (hotel style w/ 2 people in the room): $55/person

Single Occupancy Rm (hotel style w/ 1 person in the room): $100/person

Dinner (Thursday): $10

Breakfast (Friday): $10

Lunch (Friday): $10

With that being said, guests can choose to have lodging or meals off site, but guests are welcome to eat and lodge on site if they would like. (Obviously we wouldn't allow random adults to lodge in the bunk house with students, but if you were to bring additional students, they would be able to lodge with other students as long as you were effectively their chaperone).

If guests simply want to attend on Thursday, or attend on Friday, and did not need lodging or food, there is not a fee for their attendance.

Just like students and advisors, guest will need to register to attend using the event link on the website. They would just select non-member guest.

Questions from 3/14/16 are below (newer questions will be posted above)

Q:  How will students advance their Powerpoint/Prezi/Electronic presentations?  

A:  Students will be standing near the laptop that contains their presentation and will be able to advance their presentation using the keys/touchpad etc. Teams may also choose to bring a "clicker" that can be connected to the computer. The Georgia Envirothon may or may not be able to provide a clicker for the presentation. 

*As a reminder, teams should come prepared to have their presentations on a thumb drive and/or a laptop that can be set-up during the last part of the sequestration period while students are answering the on-site questions. Students should also plan to bring a laptop to practice and edit their presentations during the first hour of sequestration. There may or may not be internet access.

Q:  Have all of the teams confirmed?  

A:  Yes. At this point in time, all of the qualifying teams are able to attend. We don't foresee the massive drop out like we experienced last year due to spring break.

Q:  The 2 onsite questions — are they over the entire packet on Invasive species or will they be over the one specific snake head fish?

A:  Last year was the first year we did the two on-site questions. These questions are typically left up to the State Current Issue Coordinator to decide how specific or general the questions may be, but they typically either relate to the scenario, or deal with more general concepts from the materials. The purpose of these questions is not to determine whether the students can regurgitate one simple fact.

Q:  Are teams allowed to bring extra people that are not competing?

A:  The Georgia Envirothon will cover the cost of up to 6 students and 2 advisors. Other guests are welcome to attend at a rate established by the Georgia Envirothon. Those rates can be found during the registration when someone submits their information as a guest. The price depends on which meals they will be eating on-site and what type of overnight lodging they will need.

Q:  Lastly, I have a person who was not able to be at the region meet, but can make the state meet.  Can they compete as one of the 2 non original team members?

A:  Yes. The only requirement for qualifying teams is that they have 4 original members. If you need to fill vacant positions with students from your other teams, or you need to fill them with students from your school who have never participated in Envirothon, that is completely up to you and based on your circumstances.

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