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  • 14 Mar 2016 1:00 PM | Anonymous

    Questions from 3/21-22/16 are below (newer questions will be posted above)

    Q: Do we know if the pond is publicly or privately owned?  And the surrounding forest?

    A: The scenario states, "‐ The City Council has concerns about the short and long term impacts the fish will have on the recreational use of the city park pond as well as how much the project will cost."

    It would be ok to assume that the city park pond is owned by the city of Exampleton, as well as the park where it is found.

    Q: Will students be expected to be responsible for changing their own slides, prezis, etc.  If so, how will that be accomplished and are any special formats needed  to make sure their presentations will load?

    A: The oral presentation rules document explains that teams should have contingency plans (i.e. if their USB doesn't work, have you own laptop to plug up etc).

    Q: Will wifi be available for presentations stored on google?

    A: The rules document (2.a.ii) states that, "Wi-Fi or Internet connection will not be provided.  If you want, you’ll need to bring it." 

    Questions from 3/15/16 are below (newer questions will be posted above)

    Q: We would like to know how much per person it would cost to bring extra people. We would like some of our new kids to be able to get a feel for what goes on if that's OK. Looking at bringing just a few three or four more people with us maybe less.

    A: The regional competitions are definitely the cheapest competitions to attend when trying to encourage new students to get involved, but you are welcome to bring guests to the state competition too.

    Unfortunately, the venue dictates the per person charge for lodging and food, so we are merely offering to host non-competitor guests at the rate we will be charged as an organization. Guests have the ability to stay on site and eat on site, but will have to cover their expenses for the activities they plan to participate in.

    At this point in time, for a non-member guest, the prices are as follows:

    Bunk Lodging (with other students): $45/person

    Double Occupancy Rm (hotel style w/ 2 people in the room): $55/person

    Single Occupancy Rm (hotel style w/ 1 person in the room): $100/person

    Dinner (Thursday): $10

    Breakfast (Friday): $10

    Lunch (Friday): $10

    With that being said, guests can choose to have lodging or meals off site, but guests are welcome to eat and lodge on site if they would like. (Obviously we wouldn't allow random adults to lodge in the bunk house with students, but if you were to bring additional students, they would be able to lodge with other students as long as you were effectively their chaperone).

    If guests simply want to attend on Thursday, or attend on Friday, and did not need lodging or food, there is not a fee for their attendance.

    Just like students and advisors, guest will need to register to attend using the event link on the website. They would just select non-member guest.

    Questions from 3/14/16 are below (newer questions will be posted above)

    Q:  How will students advance their Powerpoint/Prezi/Electronic presentations?  

    A:  Students will be standing near the laptop that contains their presentation and will be able to advance their presentation using the keys/touchpad etc. Teams may also choose to bring a "clicker" that can be connected to the computer. The Georgia Envirothon may or may not be able to provide a clicker for the presentation. 

    *As a reminder, teams should come prepared to have their presentations on a thumb drive and/or a laptop that can be set-up during the last part of the sequestration period while students are answering the on-site questions. Students should also plan to bring a laptop to practice and edit their presentations during the first hour of sequestration. There may or may not be internet access.

    Q:  Have all of the teams confirmed?  

    A:  Yes. At this point in time, all of the qualifying teams are able to attend. We don't foresee the massive drop out like we experienced last year due to spring break.

    Q:  The 2 onsite questions — are they over the entire packet on Invasive species or will they be over the one specific snake head fish?

    A:  Last year was the first year we did the two on-site questions. These questions are typically left up to the State Current Issue Coordinator to decide how specific or general the questions may be, but they typically either relate to the scenario, or deal with more general concepts from the materials. The purpose of these questions is not to determine whether the students can regurgitate one simple fact.

    Q:  Are teams allowed to bring extra people that are not competing?

    A:  The Georgia Envirothon will cover the cost of up to 6 students and 2 advisors. Other guests are welcome to attend at a rate established by the Georgia Envirothon. Those rates can be found during the registration when someone submits their information as a guest. The price depends on which meals they will be eating on-site and what type of overnight lodging they will need.

    Q:  Lastly, I have a person who was not able to be at the region meet, but can make the state meet.  Can they compete as one of the 2 non original team members?

    A:  Yes. The only requirement for qualifying teams is that they have 4 original members. If you need to fill vacant positions with students from your other teams, or you need to fill them with students from your school who have never participated in Envirothon, that is completely up to you and based on your circumstances.

  • 09 Feb 2016 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    The State Envirothon competition location has been posted to the state event link!  We will be hosting the two-day state competition at the FFA-FCCLA Center in Covington, GA!

    We look forward to seeing all of the regional winners in late March!

  • 29 Jan 2016 10:15 AM | Anonymous

    Students and Advisors!

    If you believe that you will be a contender for the Georgia Envirothon State Championship, you will need to ensure that your entire team and advisors will be able to travel to and from Ontario, Canada for the 2016 NCF Envirothon competition in July.

    It would be unfortunate if your team does not qualify because you don't have at least 4 original members who have obtained their passports! They are expecting the turn-around to take longer this year, so don't wait, go get yours as soon as possible!


    Good luck to everyone this year!

  • 19 Aug 2015 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    Please share our most recent update with teachers, administrators, and news outlets, as well as future volunteers, donors and members! We look forward to your participation this year. It's going to be a big year for Envirothon! 

    2015 Georgia Envirothon Press Release 8.4.15.docx


    Athens, GA – August 2015 – The Georgia Envirothon has concluded another successful year of competitions with 36 teams competing from 22 high schools across the state of Georgia. The program experienced a 50% increase in team participation from 2014 to 2015. Twelve teams advanced to the state competition that was held at Camp John Hope in Fort Valley, GA from March 27th – March 28th.  The winning teams included First Place – Appling County High School Team 1 with 403.60 points, Second Place – Rabun County Wild with 372.00, and Third Place – Stephens County Black with 371.50 points. The winner of the Current Issue – Urban Forestry category was Rabun County Wild with 89 points. The winner of the Wildlife, Forestry, and Aquatics Stations was Appling County High School Team 1 with 87.0, 75.0 and 90.0 points respectively. The winner of the soils category was Stephens County Black with 85.0 points. Appling County High School represented the state of Georgia at the 2015 National Conservation Foundation Envirothon in Springfield Missouri from July 27th – July 31st.

    There are many exciting things that have been happening over the past year. The Georgia Envirothon Council (GEC) has spent countless hours improving the appearance and function of the organization by rebranding and developing a new logo, creating brochures, new banners, t-shirts, maintaining social media accounts, developing a new website with expanded functionality and by giving presentations and participating in conferences targeted toward educational or professional demographics.  The Council also instituted a membership and sponsorship program to recognize individuals and corporate entities that support the program. At this point in time, anyone can join and become a member of the Georgia Envirothon and support the students that participate in our program.

    The GEC also acquired a $2,000 diversity grant from the U.S. Forest Service and NCF Envirothon that will allow us to sponsor up to 16 first time teams that are interested in participating in Envirothon. The only stipulations are that schools must have at least a 30% or greater distribution of minority students school-wide to be considered and that this grant is only available to high school teams. Interested advisors may contact us at georgiaenvirothon.org.

    We are proud to announce that we will be opening the 2015-2016 competition year to include middle school aged (6th-8th grade) teams! Middle school teams may register and participate according to the same rules as high school teams and will be eligible to advance to the state competition. According to the NCF Envirothon regulations, only high school teams may advance to the NCF Envirothon competition. Registration opens on October 1, 2015.

    All teams and advisors will be grateful to know that we are currently revising all of our study material and eliminating large quantities of extraneous and repetitious information. It is our most sincere goal to concentrate and reduce the quantity of information while still maintaining the integrity and rigor of our academic disciplines. Envirothon strives to be Georgia’s premier natural resource education competition while also providing fun, a-typical learning opportunities and environments. Teams will be able to download the new study materials on the Georgia Envirothon website by October 1, 2015.

    We are excited to be entering our 22nd competition year and look forward to seeing teams participating at one of our regional or state events. The South Region competition will be held on Wednesday March 2, 2016 at Little Ocmulgee State Park in Helena, GA; the East Region competition will be held on Thursday March 3, 2016 at Flinchum’s Phoenix in Athens, GA; the West Region will be held on Friday March 4, 2016 at the Newman Wetlands Center in Hampton, GA. Our two-day state competition will be held on March 24, 2016 – March 25, 2016. All dates are subject to change; the website reflects updated information. Guests, interested sponsors or future participants are invited to attend a VIP tour and lunch during our state competition and may register through the website.
  • 24 Mar 2015 4:00 PM | Anonymous

    Please check back here regularly for updates or clarification regarding the state competition.

    In the event Advisors have questions, they will be posted and answered below. Please contact the Georgia Envirothon Council at georgiaenvirothon@gmail.com if you have questions.

    Advisor Questions:

    The information below was sent in an e-mail on 3/23/15.

    An advisor submitted a few questions and we have made an attempt to clarify with these responses. For those who have already prepared your presentations, hopefully this will not complicate things, but you may consider making adjustments if necessary. These responses are also posted on the website.

    At this point in time we will not be able to clarify any additional questions. This is so that we do not put one team at more of an advantage/disadvantage as a result of limited time to revise their presentation.

    Aspects of the scenario may be unclear, but this is to be expected and will be considered when the judges are evaluating presentations. Judging a team's ability to interpret the information provided is certainly part of the process.

    Note: Consistent with an actual professional team of arborists, if the Mayor did not provide all of the necessary information, or if additional clarification is required to make particular recommendations, then the team should explain what and why they need additional information/clarification. This will indicate to the judges a deeper level of thinking and explain why they may have misinterpreted the Mayor's original intent. With that being said, teams should not spend their entire presentation complaining about how confused they are, but rather attempt to provide the Mayor with a solution to the scenario given the resources provided.

    On a different note, please be sure to have everyone registered by Wednesday! Click here if you have not registered. I have also attached the schedule of events, and a list of some recommended items to bring. Thank you all for your participation and we look forward to seeing you on Friday!

    Good Luck,


    Question: We are confused about the Tree Board Development from the scenario. It is our understanding that the tree board will be volunteers from the community who will make decisions about the urban forest. If so, why do they count as hours. Are the hours for the 15 workers and 5 supervisors? That is our guess, but it is not clear. If so, the tree board would have unlimited hours given that they are volunteering and cost no money to operate. Also, the tree board would be the group that would create the ordinance, correct? If so, why are there hours associated with the development. Can you clear this up for us?

    The intent was to demonstrate the potential amount of consultant's time to create/foster/or manager each activity.

    1. Tree Board Development.... why do they count as hours?
    Answer: Because it takes staff time to start and properly engage with a tree board. While the volunteer benefits of such time are quite large, time will always be needed for member orientation, recruitment, and to serve as a liaison between the board and government operations.

    2. Are the hours for the 15 workers and 5 supervisors?
    Answer: Not outside of training. The work of the workers and the supervisors is already a given regardless of the activities of the consultant... and its assumed they have responsibilities other than trees, so their time and expertise does not allow them to change gears and completely focus on trees.

    3. Tree Board Hours and Budget?
    Answer - We've accounted for the consultant's time and budget it takes to develop the board, so they are not cost free. However, a tree board saves time and aids in promotions, which we are hoping the students will recognize.

    4. Tree Board Creates Ordinance?
    Answer - Not ideally, however, some credit towards the development of the ordinance is appropriate.

    If approved, the budget allows you 340 hours and $16,250 dollars per year to dedicate to the project. The city staff already have full work schedules, so their time cannot be credited towards the total hours needed to complete any task other than training. Any money you do not use in a given year may be rolled over to the next year. Ordinance development can be spread across several years and will take at least several years to complete. A tree board (if established) is composed of volunteers. If a tree board is established, you may discount the time it takes to complete Strategic items by 50% and Promotional items by 25%.

    GEC Updates:

    The information below was sent in an e-mail on 3/24/15


    Just a few reminders/clarifications.

    1. Please be sure that students bring their Envirothon T-Shirts to be worn on Friday and Saturday. If a student forgets a t-shirt, or if anyone would like to purchase additional t-shirts, we will have more available for $10/shirt at the event.

    2. As a clarification to how the current issue will be conducted this year, the two on-site questions that will be given to the teams during the sequestration period are not questions that will have to be integrated into their presentations. These are essentially more standardized questions that are added to the Judges' Q&A to create a more fair evaluation of a team’s knowledge. Consider it an opportunity not to be surprised by the questions "on the fly", but rather an opportunity for the team to take an hour to come up with the correct answer and determine how they would like to collectively answer the question when it is posed during the Q&A. The teams will be writing their responses on a paper and turning them in at 3:00. They will have the opportunity to have their papers back after the presentations are finished and before the Q&A starts. Professionals are not always blind-sighted by questions and this is an opportunity to allow our "professional arborists" to respond in a more calculated and confident way. With that being said...

    Judges still have the opportunity to ask questions based on nuances of a teams presentation in the final portion of the Q&A, but the two on-site questions will create at least two apples-to-apples questions to reduce Judges' subjectivity, determine if the team has a general understanding of the materials, and eliminate the team from depending on an advisor or professional for answers. Though the rubric is generally the same as in previous years, the distribution and weight of points has been shifted slightly to account for this element.

    3. Several advisors have asked about lodging for bus drivers. We will be able to accommodate bus drivers in the current lodging arrangements, but it may require individuals to use bunk beds and share a room with 2-3 other adults depending how many adults stay over night. The only thing we need you to do is have your bus drivers register here and select the bus driver option. If you've already filled out a "guest" registration for them, just let us know when you get to the competition.

    Lastly, don’t forget your linens, towels, toiletries etc! You can find all the necessary information on the Competition>Forms tab on the website if you want to double check!

    Thanks for your participation and we are looking forward to seeing you all on Friday in Fort Valley!

  • 19 Jan 2015 1:50 PM | Anonymous

    Advisors and Students,

    The South Region registration for the Georgia Envirothon has been extended for an additional 10 days to try to generate more participation in the South area. The East and West Regions have increased by 9 teams this year and we want to see an increase in our southern region! Take advantage of this delayed and reduced registration while it is available!


    The Georgia Envirothon Council

  • 05 Jan 2015 7:29 PM | Anonymous


    It was brought to our attention that there were some broken links on the Current Issue materials, so we have corrected those issues. No material has been added or deleted as part of this update.

    An error occurs when you try to convert the .docx file to a .pdf, so we have uploaded the .docx file directly.


    The Georgia Envirothon Council

  • 14 Nov 2014 3:15 PM | Anonymous

    Advisors and Students,

    The NCF Envirothon provided a large amount of Current Issue materials this year so we have done our best to reduce the workload and still provide a thorough amount of material on the topic of Urban Forestry. Please download (or watch) the modified version of the materials by going to the Materials tab.

    These are the modifications in a nutshell:

    • 1.    We substituted the first link with a link to 10 video modules that cover the same content.
    • 2.    We removed the last link (approximately 139 pages)

    Thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing your teams at our competitions!


    The Georgia Envirothon Council

  • 16 Oct 2014 8:30 AM | Josh Seehorn

    The updated Rules and Policies can be downloaded at Competition>Forms.

    You can now bring as many teams as you are willing to register! The update reads as follows:

    "3There is no limit to the number of teams any school, organization, or association may bring to their respective regional competition. However, only two teams from the same school, organization, or association may advance on to the state competition. The Georgia Envirothon reserves the right to raise or limit the number of teams that can participate at regional and state competitions should any unforeseen circumstances arise related to space or fairness etc."

    Good Luck!

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